1911 ad: Ontario's Sunday Laws

. Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Laws in force in the province of Ontario. Prohibit 1. Labor with certain exceptions this includes: (a) all work of laborers, mechanics and manufacturers. (b) All farm work such as seeding, harvesting, fencing, ditching. (c) Work on railways such as building and construction and also repair work except in emergencies and traffic excepting the forwarding of passenger and certain freight trains. (d) All building, teaming, driving for business purposes. (e) The work of musicians and paid performers of any kind. Works of necessity and mercy excepted. 2. Business. It is unlawful to make contracts or to buy, sell or deliver anything on Sunday, including liquors, cigars, newspapers, etc. Generally speaking the only exceptions are delivering passengers' baggage, milk for domestic use and supplying meals and medicines. 3. All games, races or other sports for money or prizes or which are noisy or at which a fee is charged and the business of amusement or entertainment. 4. All excursions for hire and with the object of pleasure by train, steamer or other conveyance. 5. Advertising in Canada, unlawful things to take place on Sunday, either in Canada or across the line. 6. Importing, selling or distributing foreign newspapers on Sunday. 7. All gambling, tippling, using profane language and all other acts which disturb the public quiet. 8. All public meetings except in churches. 9. Hunting, shooting, fishing; also bathing in any public place or in sight of a place of public worship or private residence. The penalty is from $1.00 to $500.00.The Game Law of the Province makes Sunday a Close Season for all Game and Hunting and Shooting Unlawful on that day. The penalty is from $5.00 to $25.00.

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