1916 ad: Use Radiocite -- "The most wonderful of all radio crystals"

. Saturday, July 6, 2013

Radiocite. "Use radiocite in your detector and forget it." What it is. Radiocite is the most wonderful of all radio crystals. Is is more sensitive than Galena and far more sensitive than any other crystal or mineral. Radiocite is a specially selected grade of rare crystal chemically treated by our own secret process. The mineral that looks like liquid gold. It has a highly wonderfully polished surface, giving it a perfectly burnished appearance. This crystal is now in use by several governments and is conceded to be the most satisfactory of all. It is used with a medium stiff phosphor bronze spring or with a stiff silver wire, about No. 30 B. & S. Gauge. One of the important features of Radiocite is that it does not jar out easily. Each crystal is tested for sensitivity and guaranteed. Radio-Cite comes packed separately in a box, wrapped in tin-foil. full directions accompany it. Radiocite can be mounted like any other crystal; it may be champed between springs, but it is best to set it in Hugonium soft metal. Money refunded if our claims are not substantiated. No. 3939 Generous piece of tested Radiocite. Prepaid 50 cents. The one up-to-date mineral which every amateur must have. What they say: The letters which we publish herewith tell our story far better than we could. Hundreds of enthusiastic testimonials fill our files. Read and see what these well known amateurs from all parts of the country say. Can you afford to be without Radiocite? Immediate shipments. No delay. Electro Importing Co. 236 Fulton St., N.Y.

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