1926 ad: Sex Secrets Book

. Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sex secrets! Amazing new book "Safe Counsel," just out, tells you the things you wan tto know straight from the shoulder. Gives advice to newly married. Explains anatomy of reproductive organs, impotence, laws of Sex Life, mistakes to avoid, diseases, pregnancy, etc. Contains 9 startling sections: 1 - Science of Eugenics, 2 - Love. 3 - Marriage. 4 - Childbirth. 5 - Family Life. 6 - Sexual Science. 7 - Diseases and Disorders. 8 - Health and Hygiene. 9 - Story of Life. In all, 104 chapters, 77 illustrations, 512 pages. Examine at our risk. Mailed in plain wrapper. Send no money. Write for your copy today. Don't send a cent. Pay postman only $1.98 plus postage on arrival. Money refunded if not satisfactory. Franklin Association. Dept. 9004. 186 No. LaSalle St. Chicago Illinois.

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