1932 ad: Buy Crisco because "Men just love fried foods"

. Saturday, July 6, 2013

"What's my Darling eating now?" When husbands go away on business trips or eat out with other men, what do they order? Well, if your husband's like most men, he orders a juicy steak and French Fried Potatoes in a bright eyed way. 75% of the restaurant orders for French Fried Potatoes are given by men. Yes, men just love fried foods. And why not? When I think of French Fried Potatoes, brown and crisp from a jolly sizzle in deep Crisco, I want to get out my 3-lb Crisco can and go right to it! But I've discovered that some of us have what I call the "deep-frying bugaboos" Perhaps if I talk about them frankly more hungry husbands can enjoy French Fried Potatoes at home. Are fried foods digestible? They are if they're friend in Crisco because Crisco is a pure sweet vegetable fat. Is deep frying wasteful? Not with Crisco! The same Crisco can be used for frying again and again. Crisco does not pass on any flavors... not even those of onions or fish. Is deep-frying a smoky, smelly job? It is, if you use a cheap or tallowy fat. But when you deep-fry with Crisco you've seen the last of smoke or smells! Here's a hint... do stock up on Crisco when there's a thrifty sale on the 3-lb can. Your Crisco will keep sweet and fresh right on your kitchen shelf. Do write for my "12 Dozen Time-Saving Recipes" to Winifred S. Carter, Dept. XG-12, Box 1801, Cincinnati, Ohio. Winifred S. Carter. As quick and easy as broiling a steak. 1. Fill ordinary saucepan two-thirds full of snowy, creamy Crisco. Heat Crisco slowly. When inch cube of bread browns in 20 seconds Crisco is ready to fry with. (Don't wait for Crisco to smoke... this is the old-fashioned test for a heavy tallowy fat.) 2. Cut potatoes in strips 1/2 inch thick. (For best results, soak them half an hour in cold or iced water before frying. Then dry them thoroughly with a towel.) Fill frying basket half full of potatoes. Lower into Crisco. Increase heat for one minute. 3. When potatoes are brown, shake basket , drain on absorbent paper (Then your potatoes won't be greasy... they'll be as digestible as Crisco itself.) Salt potatoes before serving. Fried bananas: Peel bananas, cut in halves, both lengthwise and crosswise. Sprinkle with salt and lemon juice. Dip in flower, then in slightly diluted beaten egg. Roll in fine crumbs and fry in deep hot Crisco. Fried Cauliflower: Separate boiled cauliflower into flowerets. Season. Dip into beaten egg, then into fine dry bread crumbs. Deep fry in Crisco that browns inch cube of bread in 60 seconds. French Fried Onions: Slice onions 1/8 inch thick. Separate rings. Dip in milk, then flour. Deep-fry in Crisco that browns cube of bread in 40 seconds. Why does Crisco digest easily? Its pure, sweet taste will tell you.
Favorite quote from the ad:

"When I think of French Fried Potatoes, brown and crisp from a jolly sizzle in deep Crisco, I want to get out my 3-lb Crisco can and go right to it!"

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