1947 ad: Magic book offer from Lifebuoy soap

. Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boys! Girls! Hurry! Amazing Lifebuoy offer send for sensation book "My Secrets of Magic" by Blackstone, world's foremost magician. How did you ever know which card I picked? I like the mind reading trick best of all. Boy, that coin trick was a honey. Get your magic book today -- amaze your friends. More than 50 baffling tricks! Number tricks! Match tricks! Mind-reading tricks! Yes, this fascinating book is chock full of clever tricks of all kinds with simple explanations of Blackstone's own secret ways of doing them. And they're all easy as pie to learn. If you want to have barrels of fun fooling your friends with feats of magic if you want to be the hit of every party send for your magic book right now. Rush coupon. Send only 15 cents with one Lifebuoy box top. Discover how wonderful a Lifebuoy bath really is! Use the soap that famous champs use -- men and women in all sports. Bathe daily with Lifebuoy. Refreshing? Oh boy! In tub or shower. Lifebuoy's creamy lather makes you feel good all over. Lifebuoy is grand for the hands too. Gets off grime and dirt in a flash. Cleanliness and good health, you know, go together. So use Lifebuoy every day. Gee, Lifebuoy is a swell soap -- it sure gets me clean and it feels great. Another fine product of Lever Brothers Company. P.O. Box 1, New York 8 N. Y.

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