1948 ad: "Know the joy of sweet mouth-organ music"

. Friday, July 5, 2013

Amazing offer teaches harmonica in 15 minutes. Beginners! Experts! America's Finest Harmonica. Plus amazing new easy 54 page illustrated playing course. Both by mail for only $1.98. Superior to any American or imported mouth organ manufactured! This Phil-Mnet is precision tuned. It's far easier to blow with rich tones that entrances. Has 10 hole, 20 bronze reeds, heavy brass plates, heavy chromium plated covers, highly polished, lip and tongue ease, easy response, longer playing life, ebonite non-warp comb. Entire instrument, comb, plates and covers firmly bolted into one single compact unit that can be taken apart, cleaned and sterilized in a few minutes! Key of "C" will be sent unless key of "G" is requested. Not a toy but a real musical instrument. And even if you never blew a harmonica before, even if you don't know one music note from another, you can learn to play it by tonight. Both by mail for only $1.98. Know the joy of sweet mouth-organ music by tonight. Send no money. 10 day trial. Yes, I can teach you to play sweet music that's joy for the soul... my new easier than ever instruction course is fully illustrated and shows you how to play any song without notes but by easily followed numbers. I show you how to do "tonguing" how to produce vibrato effects, trills... how to control rhythm for either solo or band playing. 54 pages, 10 illustrated lessons plus 41 pages of songs... yes, numbers and words to play 75 ever popular songs! Amazing offer not only brings instruction course but America's finest harmonica, the nationally known Philmonet... both for only $1.98. Best of all, you test it at my risk! Mail your name. I'll send the Philmonet and Instruction Course. On arrival deposit only $1.98 plus COD postage. Keep 10 days. If 10 day trial doesn't delight beyond words return purchase for money back! Be popular. Have fun! Know the contentment of music. Write for this wonderful music offer today! Jim Major Dept 15-S, 230 E. Ohio St. Chicago 11, Illinois.

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