1948 ad: Look what you can build with an Erector set, boys

. Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boys! Look at all the spectacular buzz-with-action models you can build with Erector. Developed at the Gilbert Hall of Science.  Look! He's made of metal! He has electric eyes! He walks by remote control! He's the mysterious Erector Walking Giant. No. 12 1/2 Erector has 3 powerful motors, over 35 pounds of parts. Builds mysterious walking giants, remote control tractors and crawlers, electromagnetic cranes and hundreds of other realistic action models. Greatest Erector set of all time $50.00. This giant ferris wheel has electric lights... operates in both directions at high or low speed. Built with No. 8 1/2 Erector -- the All Electric Set. most complete engineering outfit Dan can buy for $19.95. Gosh that Erector Reversing Electric Engine has real power! It makes models buzz with action. Airplane ride build with Sensational No. 6 1/2 Erector. Loads of fun at the sensational low price of $10.00. Fun with Erector starts the moment you open the box and start to assemble girders, wheels, gears and other parts. Erector parts have equi-distant holes so that you just count the holes to put them together. No other construction set builds the square girder with interlocking edges and contains so many parts. Curved, straight, and giant steel girders. Metal base plates. Real engineering bolts and nuts. 5 kinds of gears. Electric engine. Elctro-magnet. Electric lights. Engineer's shack. Boiler shells. Giant flywheel parts. Automobile wheels. See the new Erectors wherever toys are sold. Denver and west prices slightly higher. This exciting book will hold you spellbound. Free! Superman! shows you the wonders of the Gilbert Hall of Science. When in New York, Visit the Gilbert Hall of Science, fifth ave and 25th street, Admission free!

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