1950 ad: GE Combination Sandwich Grilll and Waffle Iron

. Monday, July 29, 2013

Is it a sandwich grill? Yes! You toast delicious sandwiches ... fry bacon and eggs or even steak .... all right at your table. Or simply by inserting the large aluminum waffle grids in the stunning new General Electric Combination Sandwich Grill and Waffle Iron, you can make four butter brown waffles in a jiffy. Is it a waffle iron? Yes! Automatic $19.95 (Including Federal Excise Tax) Price subject to change without notice. it's both -- it's the beautiful new General Electric Combination Sandwich Grill and Waffle Iron! Its streamlined graceful design makes it easy to keep shining clean. You'll appreciate the cool, brown plastic handles too. Automatic, a turn of the temperature selector quickly gives you the right heat. A "tell-you-when" light goes off the very second you have it. Automatic Model (and the Standard Model which is priced at $14.95) come complete with waffle and sandwich grids -- plus a recipe booklet you'll want to use! General Electric Co., Bridgeport 2, Connecticut. You can put your confidence in General Electric.

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