1950 ad: I've found me a wonderful wave!

. Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I've found me a wonderful wave! says Mary Martin of "South Pacific" Six nights every week and twice on Wednesdays and Saturdays -- my hair gets this sudsing," says Mary Martin,"and all it gets afterward to make it presentable is a few quick licks with a brush. That's why this Rayve Home Permanent is so wonderful -- it really does make my hair behave as if were naturally curly. Her Rayve Home Permanent: vital part of every costume she wears in the show. Energetic as the rest of her, Mary Martin's curls grow so fast that in order to be short enough for that on-stage shampoo, they must be cut weekly, permanented every 3 weeks. "You wouldn't think I'd have any hair left, would you?" she inquires in that warm, confiding voice of hers. "But the truth is, my darn hair has never been healthier! Rayve is very very easy on your hair. I've tried them all, believe me -- nd really and truly there's a difference between a Rayve permanent and the rest. You really do get a softer more natural curl. "Honest -- your hair actually has a sheen afterwards! Almost as if you'd been using a hair conditioner, instead of putting in a permanent. I don't know too much about chemistry but I understand Rayve waving lotion is unique -- a different creaming agent, a different wetting agent, and so forth. Anyhow, I know the results are unique... "Well! As you might gather, I'm delighted with Rayne. You see what you think of it!"

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