1950 ad: No more denture breath

. Monday, July 8, 2013

I wear false teeth yet my mouth feels cool, clean and cool. No "denture breath" for me* I keep my false teeth clean and odor-free with Polident. When my plate feels clean and fresh and cool from a Polident bath, I'm safe from Denture Breath." Mr. A.G.R., New Milford, Pennsylvania. You know what Mr. R. means -- it's a wonderful feeling to know that you're not offending friends with denture breath. And its great when your plates feel clean and cool and fresh -- from their Polident bath. Remember, dental plates need the special care of a special denture cleanser. Don't brush, soak them in Polident (only abut a cent a day) to keep them sparkling clean, free from denture breath. Get Polident tomorrow. No brushing. Soak plate or bridge daily -- 15 minutes or more -- in a fresh, cleansing solution of Polident and water. Polident recommended by more dentists than any other denture cleanser.

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