1950 ad: Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape

. Monday, July 8, 2013

When you go on a trip put a roll in your grip! Wrap packages in a wink. Firm holding "Scotch" Ceollophane Tape does a fast, neat sealing job. Picnic Lunches stay fresh when you seal sandwich wrappers with tight-sticking cellophane tape. Skirt hem ripped? A strip of transparent tight sticking cellophane tape wil save the day for you. Tape road map to sun visor. Keep tape in your glove compartment for on the spot mending, sealing, holding. Remove lint from clothing by wrapping tape around your hand, sticky side out, and patting lightly. Free -- write for interesting new booklet full of summertime tips and shortcuts with "Scotch" Cellophane tape. Scotch brand Cellophane tape. Important: There's more than one brand of cellophane tape -- for quality always insist on the Scotch brand in the bright plaid dispenser. Made in USA by Minnesota Mining and MFG Co, St. Paul 6, Minn, also makers of other Scotch brand pressure sensitive tapes. Scotch sound recording tape, Underseal rubberized coating, Scotchlite reflective sheeting, "Safety Walk" Non-Slip surfacing. 3M Abrasives, 3M Adhesives. General Export: Durex Abrasives Corp. New Rochelle, N.Y. In Canada: Canadian Durex Abrasives LTD, Brantford, Ontario.

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