1950 ad: Vaseline Hair Tonic

. Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh-oh, dry scalp! Dan has his eye right on the target, but he'll never score with me until he learns how to check Dry Scalp. His hair looks too dull and mussy for words. Oh-oh, loose dandruff, too! But when I tell my friend about Vaseline Hair Tonic, Dan Cupid will be the archer!" Hair looks better... scalp feels better... when you check Dry Scalp. Improve your looks! To keep your hair and scalp in the right condition, use a few drops of Vaseline Hair Tonic every day. Makes your hair look wonderful... checks loose dandruff and those other annoying signs of Dry Scalp. Contains no alcohol or other drying ingredients. It's double care for scalp and hair. It's economical too. Vaseline Hair Tonic. Tops in entertainment: Dr. Christian, Starring Jean Hersholt on CBS every Wednesday night. See your newspaper for local broadcast time.

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