1953 ads: CeBe Electronic Flashgun

. Monday, July 8, 2013

CeBe Electronic Flashgun. German Patent app. No. N5526 IXa157c. British Patent app. No. 29178152. (By the makers of Paxette) Weighs only 2 1/2 lbs. complete. Power pack (1 lb. 10 ozs.). No bulbs -- electronic tube gives 25,000 flashes. 500-1,000 flashes from one dry battery pack. The Ce Be Flashgun, which fits most cameras with flash-synchronized shutters, outdates every flashgun on the market -- it reduces the cost to a fraction of a penny per shot, it recharges in a few seconds and is really lightweight. Fit the Ce Be to your camera, put the small power pack in your pocket (it weighs only 1 lbs. 10 ozs.) shoot and go on shooting.... that, in a nutshell is how it works. It may be used for open flash, giving an exposure of 1/700 sec. The batteries used are standard hearing-aid type (Pertrix, Ever-Ready, Exide or Drydex) stocked by chemists and many photographic dealers at 3/9 each. Sole Wholesale Distributors: Neville Brown & Co., LTD, 77 Newman Street, London W.I.

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