1967 ad: The '68 Chevrolet Pickup

. Sunday, July 14, 2013

Look at all you get you can't get anywhere else! The '68 Chevrolet Pickup: Only Chevrolet gives you all these pickup features for '68! Road balanced ride with rugged coil springs all around. No other gives you the smoothness of coil springs at all four wheels. Tough coil springs designed for rugged truck duty.  Standard on 1/2- and 3/4-ton models, they go perfectly with work-proved Independent Front Suspension. A great combination  -- and exclusive with Chevrolet! Truck-tough cab and body with double-strong construction. There's no stronger pickup anywhere. Look into a Chevy and you'll see why: double thicknesses of sheet metal in critical areas. Like the cowl, windshield pillars, roof, door openings. And Fleetside body side panels and tailgate. (Here you get extra production against rust too, because there are no external welded joints.) The truck's not just strong -- it's double strong. Extra workpower with job-tailored engines. A Chevy pickup offers you a wide range of engines. You can go with the 155-hp 250 Six -- biggest standard Six you can buy. Or ask for the 292 Six. There's a brand-new 200-hp 307 V8. Get the right power for your purpose -- and remember there are more Chevrolet engines on truck jobs than any other make. Styling iwth purpose that sets the pace. A Chevy pickup gives the newest truck styling -- and the most practical! the low silhouette for instance, helps provide road holding stability. And the cab design lets you see ore of the road ahead. That's a safety factor and so are the big windows -- including a big rear window that costs you nothing extra. Biggest service network. You're never far from a Chevrolet dealer ... because there are more of them ready to help you keep working and earning. See your Chevrolet dealer about a '68 job tamer pickup. You can't get all this anywhere else! Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan. '68 Job Tamer Trucks.

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