1967 ad: Drink Beam's Choice responsibly at all your holiday parties

. Friday, July 26, 2013

Are the holidays just an excuse to drink yourself under the table? Remember last year? Well, this year won't be any different. There'll be a party at somebody's house every night in December. And a blast at the office the 24th. and an awful lot of people will have one drink more than they usually do -- one more drink than they can handle -- because "after all, it's Christmas." And while we love the holidays and enjoy the party as much as you do, we don't care much for that approach. And neither would you, if you made a Bourbon as good as ours. We've been Bourbon makers since 1795. Using recipes that are even older than that. And our pride and joy -- Beam's Choice -- is much too good to throw away on people who intend, for some silly reason, to overindulge. Beam's Choice is an 8-year-old Bourbon. It's charcoal-filtered after aging. And we think it's about as close to perfect as anybody's going to get. So whether you buy it in the gift-wrapped bottle for a friend or in the plain green label for yourself, as long as you're both grown up about it, we know you'll enjoy it. We'd just like to leave you with this parting shot. We're responsible for making good Bourbon. But if you misuse it, only you can be responsible for that.s

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