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. Monday, July 1, 2013

The Orient. The World. Take your choice. Northwest's 38-day orient tour. Imagine yourself taking a relaxing steamer cruise on the beautiful Inland Sea of Japan. Or driving along the Asashi River to the celebrated Korakuen Gardens. Or visiting the 800-year old ruins of Angkor Wat -- one of the world's archaeological wonders. These are just a few of the highlights of Northwest's unusual tour of the Orient -- covering 27 cities in 10 countries. Leisurely stopovers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and other points allow you to really see the Orient -- at a sensible pace. You'll have plenty of time for shopping, strolling, or revisiting some fascinating spot. Last stop on this tour: Hawaii. You'll spend the last two days relaxing int eh sun -- getting your homecoming tan. Arrangements. Northwest or your travel agent makes all reservations for both tours before you leave. you stay at only the finest hotels. And except for Honolulu, three meals a day are provided throughout the trip. Price? Just $1,290 for the Orient tour, not including jet fare. Choose from 19 departure dates from March 14 through November 14. The 37-day world tour is $1,195 exclusive of jet fares. Choose from 8 departure dates from March 20 through October 2. For more information cal Northwest or your travel agent.  Or clip and mail the coupon. 37-day world tour. This is the tour of tours. Like the hero in the Jules Verne classic, you'll circle the entire globe. Starting in the Far East you'll tour leisurely through the Orient -- Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao. Then you jet north to the Bay of Bengal and steep yourself in the ancient culture of India. You'll stand before the magnificent Taj Mahal, visit the Vale of Kashmir and went your way through the Khyber Pass. You'll feel the pulse of Egyptian history dating back 6,000 years and tour the holy cities of Jordan and Israel. After a flight over the sun-drenched isles of the Aegean Sea your final stop is Athens where legends of ancient gods still linger. This tour is for the truly discriminating traveler. 37 delightful days.

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