1967 ad: Zenith sounds as good as it looks

. Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 reasons why Zenith Stereo sounds as good as it looks.  All wood cabinetry elegantly styled, masterfully finished in the bench-made tradition. Complete selection of authentic fine furniture styles and finishes. Solid-state amplifier with 320 watts of peak music power delivers the most spectacular sound in console stereo at all levels. 8-track stereo tape cartridge player can be added in record storage well for enjoying taped music through console amplifier and speakers. Optional at extra cost. completely sold state tuner provides instant warm-up static free FM, AM and stereo FM, for optimum radio reception. Exclusive studio control panel puts you in complete pushbutton command  -- actually lets you control the mood of sound, from background to normal to brilliant without disturbing tone balance. Four-speed stereo professional record changer. Superbly engineered to eliminate speed variations and provide pure undistorted sound. Exclusive microtouch 2G Tone Arm with floating cartridge cannot accidentally damage your finest stereo records. Unbreakable flex guard needle shaft with diamond stylus cannot be pushed out of playing position, provides unvarying stereo separation. Ultraphonic stereo sound system with air suspension speakers in completely sealed full-width sound chamber, creates a wall of natural sound. Eight speakers -- 2 woofers, 4 tweeters, 2 deluxe exponential horns -- faithfully reproduce the entire range of stereo sound. Only Zenith offers you so much in console stereo -- the most exciting features and the most advanced components, wrapped in the elegance of Zenith fine-furniture cabinetry with authentic period designs to bring you total stereo enjoyment. Featured above: The Lind, distinctive modern style cabinet. Model Y960W Below: The Lucien, elegant French Provincial style cabinet. Model Y964H. Why not get the best. Zenith the quality goes in before the name goes on.

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