1971 ad: Big Red Writes again

. Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back when the blues began, a great, ungainly pen wrote most of America's notes. Big Red writes again. The notes were blue, but the pen was red. So madly red that it drove men to write such songs as, "Yes Sire, that's my baby!" and "When it's Night-Time in Italy, it's Wednesday over here!" The pen was the Parker Duofold, a gift of stature; and indefatigable giant with the bold stroke and vast capacity to record man's grandest thoughts. And now that the nation has rediscovered the style and sweep of those Flaming Days, Big Red writes again. True, he's been modernized somewhat. He now has a soft tip that gives razzmatazz to your writing. Or he's a ball pen that writes better months longer than an ordinary one. And he fills and refills by cartridge in four noteworthy colors (including Bye Bye Blackbird Black and St. Louis Blue) But on the outside, he's still Big Red -- the same honest handful of pen America leaned on through the Twenties. Big Red comes with a clip or on a chain. Either way, for just $5 you can give somebody a gift that can't possibly be ignored: an outrageously red pen. As marvelously bulky as ever. And inspiring. In fact, the thank-you note will doubtless read: "The object of your affection has changed my complexion from white to r" Only $5. Why, that's a song! Parker. Maker of the world's most wanted pens.

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