1971 ad: JC Penney Stereo Systems

. Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nobody's ever had to give you so many different stereo systems to choose from. We had to. Would you buy a stereo from someone you hadn't heard much about? Not many people would. And that's our problem. Although we've got the best values in packaged component stereos you can find, not many people have ever heard of us. So we had to do something about it. For one thing, we had to design the largest collection of stereo systems you're likely to find anywhere. And we had to engineer those systems chock-full of the finest components and circuitry we could put together for the money. We had to make ourselves sound better than all those other systems you have heard about. So you'd start hearing about us. Check over all these systems. We think you're going to find a stereo you like. But if you don't, we'll have to do something about that too. 1. Our complete home entertainment system, model 6661. entertainment system, model 6661. AM/FM stereo radio, 4-speed BSR mini-turntable and pushbutton cassette tape recorder. Full sound air-suspension speakers. $199.95. 2. If you're into 8-track, it's model 1900. Pop-up 8-track playback unit, AM/FM stereo radio and BSR mini-turntable. $159.95. 3. This is an AM/FM stereo radio and phonograph with a lot of extra features: 4-piece flexibility, air-suspension speakers, slide controls, integrated circuitry, monaural muting switch, record cueing lever, field effect transistors, and more. Model 1312. $199.95. 4. A stereo cassette tape deck. Plays and records through any amplifying system. Automatic tape shutoff. Pause control. Dual microphone and phone inputs. Model 7525. $89.95. 5. 3-piece stereo phonograph. Slide controls. Headphone jack. BSR 4-speed turntable. Dust-cover included. Model 1101. Under 80.00. 6. A stereo system for $99.95, model 1310. AM/FM stereo radio and 4-speed BSR automatic mini-record headphone jack. $99.95. 7. Model 1311 gives you two kinds of flexibility: a 4-piece design and swivel speakers. You can mount the BSR mini-changer over the AM/FM stereo tuner/amplifier or arrange the components all over the room. White or walnut veneer. $149.95. 8. Model 1701 is an 8-track playback unit for the home with a built-in AM/FM stereo radio. Pushbutton channel selector on the tape unit. Continuous range tone control. Separate balance control. $119.95. 9. Our 299.95 complete home entertainment system gives you air-suspension speakers and automatic end-of-cassette shutoff. As well as an AM/FM stereo tuner with slide controls, field effect transistors, AFC switch and black-out dial. A BSR automatic turntable with a 4-pole induction motor, cueing lever and ceramic cartridge. And a cassette tape recorder with front-mounted recording meters and a cassette storage bin. Model 1981. $299.95. 10. An 8-track cartridge tape recorder and playback unit, plus an AM/Fm stereo radio. Make your own 8-track recordings off records or the build in stereo radio. Model 1758. Just 229.95. 11. Beautiful looks and sounds: our 8-track tape player and AM/FM stereo radio. Pushbutton channel selector. Field effect transistors and integrated circuits in the tuner. Model 1702. $159.95. 12. Our best system, model 1980. A deluxe home entertainment center. Turntable, AM/FM stereo radio. And cassette tape recorder. Powerful amplifier. 14 tuning controls. Advanced circuitry. Magnetic cartridge in the tone arm. Air suspension speakers $399.95. We stand behind every one of these systems with our traditional JC Penney service and concern for product quality. We also give you the option of our Time Payment Plan to fit the system you want into your budget. We put all these things into our 12 systems because we had to. We had to make ourselves sound better. Which hast o make ours the best sounding group of gift ideas for Christmas giving or getting. But don't just take our word for it. Stop in and see just how much better we do sound. All of us. at JC Penney, the values are here every day. JCPenney Stereo Systems. When nobody's ever heard of you, you'd better sound better.

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