1971 ad: Make your moves matter with Arthur Murray

. Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leap into life. Let Arthur Murray Dance Studios make your moves matter. Come alive! Think, feel, look young again! Join the "communicator!" Dance! Nothing else comes close. Arthur Murray students, regardless of age, have more fun, go out more often, make more lasting friendships. One 30-minute dance demonstration will convince you that you can dance effortlessly. You can become socially active. You can escape from boredom. Arthur Murray Studios have taught over 1 million people the joys of dancing. Isn't it time you invested in yourself. It costs so little -- and the results are huge. Free! Your private 1/2 hour dance evaluation costs nothing! One phone call -- now -- to your nearest Arthur Murray Studio -- can set your world spinning beautifully (consult your yellow pages.) Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios. "A great place to be some body" 225 studios in U.S. Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa.

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