1971 ad: Norelco beat the blades

. Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Norelco beat the blades. And proved it. Early this year we introduced the new Norelco Tripleheader III. It delivered such an improved shave we were convinced it could even beat blades. But how could we convince men that any electric shaver could perform that well? We proposed 3 tough tests and hired an independent research firm to execute them. The final test. After using a new Tripleheader two weeks, 112 men -- most of them blade users -- shaved one side of their face with the Tripleheader and the other with a new blade -- a leading chromium or platinum one. The the men compared the shaves. Even those blades couldn't beat Norelco for closeness. On comfort and lack of irritation Norelco beat the blades (see chart.) The second test. Next 3 barbers inspected the faces. They had no idea which side was shaved with the Norelco which with the blade. They touched. The scrutinized and 7 out of 10 times the barbers judged the Norelco shave to be as close or closer than the blade shave. As impressive as these numbers were  we went further. The machine that had to be invented to measure whiskers after shaving. We combined a Bausch & Lomb microscope and a special lighting system cool enough not to affect the skin. We added a special tiny rotating mirror for the lens end to see and measure the full length of each bristle. Finally a camera to photograph each one at 210 times life size. This machine was the basis for the third test. One by one, 24 men got under the microscope. Whisker by whisker, the camera photographed the blade-shaved side and the Norelco-shaved size. These remarkable photomicrographic measurements showed the stubble for the 24 men tested was an average of 10.8% shorter on the Norelco-shalved side than on the blade-shaved side! How did Norelco deliver this shaving performance? The Unique Norelco Principle. The genius of the Norelco idea is 18 self-sharpening blades made of surgical steel -- rotary blades that continuously stroke whiskers away without a nick or pinch. And because they're inside floating heads they nestle into the curves of your face, cutting smoother because it is smoother. But what's new is what we've done to the shaving heads themselves. The 1971 Breakthrough -- the Super microgroove head. Most men think you can't get a close shave with an electric shaver because of the metal screen between the blades and your skin. But in the revolutionary design of the Norelco floating head the metal literally presses the skin down around each whisker (1) and gently lifts the hair up to the rotary blades (2) so the whisker can actually be shaved off below skin level. Close but still comfortable. If you haven't tried an electric shaver in a long time you've got a surprise in store for you. Just as blades have changed a lot over the years, electric shavers have too. No one ever the disputed the fact that Norelco delivers the most comfortable shave of all time, but now then the most comfortable shave in history turns out to be as close or closer than blades, electric shaving has come of age. Norelco. We beat the blades.

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