1971 ad: Ziebart Auto-Truck Rustproofing

. Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why your last car didn't last: Rust. It started before you drove your new car off the showroom floor. Because cars are not really rustproofed at the factory. Rust. It starts deep in hidden areas and eats away the joints until your car literally comes apart at the seams. Undercoating and conventional rustproofing don't help. Rust. You'll probably notice it first around the wheel wells or along the rocker panel. Then it's too late to do anything about it. Rust. It destroys the mechanical components of your car just as surely as it destroys the body. Why your new one will: Because you should have learned something from your last car. The Zeibart rustproofing process is guaranteed to protect your new car from rust for 5 years or 50,000 miles. The Ziebart people use patented spray tools to get inside your new car to cover every square inch of rust-prone metal with a unique sealant. To make it absolutely rustproof. And up to 35 percent more soundproof. And squeakproof. And rattleproof. And leakproof. And worth more money when you decide to trade it in. There's only one Ziebart rustproofing process. And there's only one place to get it. Through an Authorized Ziebart Dealer. Find him in the White Pages. Or write Ziebart Process Corporation, 34832 Mount Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48077. Ziebart Auto-Truck Rustproofing.

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