1984 ad: Sponsor an orphaned raccoon

. Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wanted: Definitely alive. Please sponsor an orphan like me! Receive a photo and history of the life you save plus free t-shirt with my picture on it. Orphaned animals clinging to their dead mother at the side of the road, caught in steel leghold traps, nest destroyed by fire and storms.... the stories are endless. They turn to you and Evergreen Rehabilitation Center for help. Donations are tax deductible. Great gift for animal lovers and children. I wish to sponsor a small (bunny size) baby. $12. I wish to sponsor a a large (raccoon size) baby $25. I am unable to sponsor but wish to make a donation of ____. Send this coupon, your check or money order along with your name, address, city, state & zip to: Evergreen Wildlife Refuge, P.O. Box 417, Lake Zurich Illinois 60047

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