1878 ad: Greatest Show on Earth

. Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth. Season of 1878. Comprising a World's Fair, immense museum and school of marvelous mechanism, a score of imported royal stallions, and a grand European and Native Circus, all combined in one vast undivided show, owned by the exclusively and under my own individual and personal direction, assisted by Messrs. Bailey, June, Nathans, and several other well known managers of experience and ability. Exhaustive, extensive, magnificent, marvelous and costly as many of my previous exhibitions have been, I hereby pledge my honor, reputation and fortune that the present Grand Exhibition of 1878 excels them all. More than one million of dollars are invested in this unparalleled collection of the world's wonders. it is transported through the country on 100 railway cars of my own. This colossal, moral, moving academy of object teaching occupies many acres with its vast tents and possesses more new and imported features, more marine monsters, more and rarer wild beasts, birds and reptiles, more marvelous human phenomena including huge giants, tiny dwarfs and the wonderful tattooed Greek nobleman -- more curious and costly mechanical wonders, more distinguished equestrians and athletes more funny clowns, and more educated animals and magnificent trick horses than ever before presented at any one time in any age or place, and more than ten times the price of admission returned to everybody. I will give $10,000 to any person who can show that during the past 5 years the daily expenses of my vast establishment have not been larger than the entire gross receipts of any traveling show in this or any other country. A magnificent free street pageant of bewildering beauty, a mile in length -- including 20 trained stallions, gorgeous gilded and crystal chariots, bands of music, herds of elephants, camels and dromedaries, open cages of lions, tigers, serpents, handled by their keepers -- all worth going many miles to see -- takes place on the morning of our arrival, from 9 to 10 o'clock. Among my newest novelties are 20 royal trained stallions, from the royal stables of Germany, Russia, Italy and Tartary, which execute the most intricate and picturesque evolutions with the rapidity and precision of army drill -- even walking on their hind feet erect as soldiers. These remarkable specimens of equine beauty and training cost me $250,000 in gold, and I will cheerfully pay a like sum for their equals in beauty and form, magnificent actions, thorough training and intelligence. They are divided into five groups, each one performing different but equally remarkable feats. They are the most wonderful animals in the world, and will prove of great interest to all lovers of the horse as well as to the public generally. Two exhibitions daily at 1 and 7 o'clock. Admission to the entire exhibitions and performances, 50 cents, children half price. My entire undivided establishment will make a tour through the United States this summer, visiting all the principal cities and towns in New England as far east as Bangor, then through the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, as far west as Omaha. P.T. Barnum

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