1908 Sears Catalog ad: Aluminum Giant Lever Sounders

. Saturday, August 3, 2013

$1.70. Aluminum Giant Levers Sounders. Our new Aluminum Giant Sounders excel all other sounders in tone, loudness and quick action, being in every respect the finest and best sounders made. the sounding bar is made from aluminum, the balance of the instrument is of brass, heavy nickel plated. The magnets are specially wound to insure perfect insulation and covered with polished hard rubber. The base is of highly polished oak and the instrument is finished with the most careful attention to details and appearance. Special attention is directed to the way in which the wooden base is connected to the instrument an open space being left between the wood and the metal, which greatly increases the sound and improves the tone. No.20K6480 Aluminum Lever Giant Sounder, as described and illustrated above with magnets wound to 4 ohms resistance for lines one quarter mile or less in length. Price $1.70. If by mail, postage extra 30 cents. No. 20K6481 Aluminum Lever Giant Sounder as described and illustrated above, with magnets wound to 20 ohms resistance for lines one-half mile or more in length. Will work on lines up to fifty miles in length. Price $1.85. If by mail, postage extra 30 cents.

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