1908 Sears Catalog ad: Improved Puritan Chopper

. Thursday, August 8, 2013

69 cents for the improved Puritan Chopper complete with four cutters and cook book. The chopper that saves you money. The only one you can't afford to do without. The best and most convenient chopper on the market at anything like our price. Chops all kinds of raw or cooked meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. Each size chopper has three hand forged steel knives or cutters; coarse medium and fine for meats and vegetables and one nut butter cutter. The improved Puritan Food Chopper is made of the finest material throughout, each working part is carefully finished so it will run smoothly and all exposed parts are heavily retinued which makes it rustproof, easy to clean and sanitary. It is as carefully constructed as if intended to sell for twice the price. Simple, has few parts and does the most satisfactory work in half the time usually required by other choppers. The Puritan possesses all the good features found in other choppers with several valuable improvements of its own. It has a perfect drip spout which catches and saves the juice and prevents soiling the table or floor. It has an improved table clamp which holds fast. It quickly chops all kinds of food, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., fine or coarse and does not choke up. It is so easy to operate that a 10-year-old girl can easily turn it. It is strong, durable and substantial, and with ordinary care will last a number of years. Our Puritan Food Chopper will pay for itself in a short time by making it possible to utilize cold meats, "left overs," etc. We furnish with Each Puritan Chopper a copy of our Puritan Food Chopper Cook Book which contains over 200 tested recipes and explains how to save time, labor, money and food by using a Puritan Chopper. $1.25 will not buy as good elsewhere.

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