1908 Sears Catalog ad: Nine-Power Busch Prism Binocular

. Monday, August 5, 2013

Nine-Power Busch Prism Binocular, $33.50. The Busch Prism Binoculars are made with a view to securing the greatest possible solidity and durability combined with the necessary portability ease of manipulation and lightness of weight. The bars and bodies are made from one solid casting of an especially hard alloy of aluminum. The working parts are of brass, use fewer parts, fewer screws and renders it almost impossible for the glass to get out of optical adjustment. the bodies are covered with the very finest black pebbled morocco leather and all exposed metal parts are finished in fine bright black enamel, highly polished. the Busch Prism Binocular is adjustable for pupillary distances in a simple way by bending the hinged bars to the necessary width. the focus screw is large and centrally located as shown in our illustration. the eyepiece of the right barrel is made movable to allow for adjustment of differences in the power of the users' eyes. These binoculars are made by the Rathenower Potische Industrie-Anstalt, one of the largest optical concerns of Europe, noted for the production of extra high grade goods. No. 20K3465 9-power Busch Prism Binocular. Linear magnifying power, 9 diameters (Superficial power 81 times) Real field of view 4.6 deg. Diameter field of view at 1,000 yards, 240 feet Price with solid sole leather case and shoulder strap $33.50. If by mail postage extra 38 cents.

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