1926 ad: 600 Pages of Sex Secrets -- with "startling illustrations"

. Saturday, August 3, 2013

Art and Beauty Magazine. The Greatest Sin. Must every woman pay the price of a moment's happiness in bitter tears and years of regret? Must millions of homes be ruined -- lovers and sweethearts driven apart -- marriages totter to the brink of divorce -- the sacred joys of sex relations be denied? Yes -- just as long as men and women remain ignorant of the simple facts of life, sex and health. The Greatest Sin of all is total Ignorance of the most important subject in the life of every man and woman -- sex. Away with false modesty. Let us face the facts of sex fearlessly and frankly, sincerely and scientifically. Let us tear the veil of shame and mystery from sex and build the future of the race on a new knowledge of all the facts of sex as they are laid bare in plain, daring but wholesome words, and frank pictures in this huge new Library of Sex Knowledge -- "The Science of Eugenics." "The Science of Eugenics" 46 chapters -- Startling Illustrations. This volume abounds in truthful illustrations and pictures of scientific interest that one seldom if ever find outside the highly technical medical books which laymen fail to understand. Every picture is true to life. 600 pages of sex secrets. Everything a married woman should know. How to hold a husband. How to have perfect children. How to preserve youth. Warding off other women. Keeping yourself attractive. Why husbands tire of wives. Dreadful diseases due to ignorance. Diseases of women. Babies and Birth Control. Twilight Sleep -- easy Childbirth. How babies are conceived. Diseases of children. Family health guide. Change of life -- hygiene. Why children die young. Inherited traits and diseases. What will you tell your growing girl? The mystery of twins. Hundreds of valuable remedies. Bringing up healthy children. Nursing and weaning. Fevers and contagious diseases. Accidents and emergencies. Hygiene in the home. How to care for invalids. Limitation of Offspring. The sexual embrace. Girls -- don't marry before reading this book. The dangers of petting. How to be a vamp? How to manage the honeymoon? What liberties to allow a lover? Secrets of the wedding nights? Beauty diets and baths. Do you know -- how to attract desirable men? How to manage men? How to know if he loves you? How to acquire bodily grace and beauty? How to beautify face, hands, hair, teeth and feet? How to acquire charm? How to dress attractively? Intimate personal hygiene. How to pick a husband? Secrets for men. Mistakes of early marriage. Secrets of fascination. Joys of perfect mating. How to make women love you. Warnings to young men. Secrets of greater delight. Dangerous diseases. Secrets of sex attraction. Hygienic precautions. Anatomy and physiology. The reproductive organs. What every woman wants. Education of the family. Sex health and prevention. 250,000 already sold. This huge volume of sales enables us to cut the cost of printing to $3.50 instead of $7.50. Would you risk health and happiness for the sake of having $3.50 more in your pocket? Of course not! What will you tell your growing child? Will you let your children grow up in the same dangerous ignorance in which you yourself perhaps were reared -- or will you guide them safely through puberty by the aid of this truly helpful book? $1 brings you this rare book! Eureka Publishing Co., 24 East 21st Street, New York City. Send only $1 with your order (cash, check, money-order or stamps). Please send me "The Science of Eugenics" Sealed in plain wrapper. I enclose $1 and will pay $2.50 and postage to the postman on delivery. In accordance with your special half price offer.

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