1926 ad: Breath of Love perfume

. Friday, August 23, 2013

Breath of Love. A recent creation praised by people of distinction as the most enchanting perfume ever made. Like a gift from fairie-land, its exquisite scent surrounds you with the much desired atmosphere of alluring charm. Attracted by its delicate fragrance, young and old quickly surrender to its persuasive influence To quickly introduce Breath of Love to every man and woman, we offer for a short time only, a full sized bottle (ordinarily costing $3.00) for only $1.98. Full details and confidential instructions how to use it most effectively will be sent with each bottle. Send no money. Just your name, address. When "Breath of Love" arrives, simply deposit $1.98 and a few cents postage with your mail-man. if not satisfied, return within seven days, and we guarantee refund of your deposit. Paris Importers Dept. CL 535 W 31st Street, Chicago.

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