1926 ad: "learn all about birth control now. Later may be too late."

. Monday, August 26, 2013

Birth control. Every person who is married or is contemplating marriage should listen to a word of advice. Too many people enter into the holy bonds of matrimony absolutely ignorant of any of its responsibilities. As a result thousands of homes are wrecked, poor and innocent men and women are made to suffer untold misery all because they did not know the laws of nature. Self-respecting, intelligent people to-day are not taking foolish chances, they are demanding and want to know all about birth control and its doctrines and teachings. Any person who goes thru life blindly ignorant of these facts is committing an injustice to himself and others. Don't pay the terrible price. Decide to learn all about birth control now. Later may be too late. What a few grateful readers have written us. I cannot find words with which to thank you for the two books sent me. I learned a vast amount of information about myself that will prove of considerable value. Every adult should read these books. Mrs. E.C. Newark, New Jersey. I have never read any books that told me so much as the two I purchased from you. My eyes were opened to the truths I never knew existed. You are to be commended on distributing such splendid instructive books. Disseminating literature of this sort will help to make this a better world to live in. Mrs. I.K. New York City. Read our wonderful book, by Dr. R. E. Armitage, famous physician. Tells simply and clearly all you should know about Birth Control, marriage etc. Discusses the following subjects: Private advice to women; birth control; Too many children; Determination of Sex; Race suicide" Etc. Over 200 pages, cloth bound. Also: "What Every Mother and Girl Should Know" by Margaret Sanger, great Birth Control Advocate. 3 books for the price of 1. Send no money. When the three books arrive, pay postman only $2.39 plus postage. Sincere Publishing Co., 24 E 21st Street, Dept 541 New York City.

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