1926 ad: Play a "Sincere" Instrument

. Monday, August 12, 2013

Play a "sincere" instrument and popularity, love and romance will be yours. Win friends and popularity. Own and play a "sincere" Hawaiian Ukulele or a Banjo Ukulele. Get into the swim! Whenever people get together you will always find a ukulele or banjo uke the center of attraction. The girl or fellow that can play an instrument has an open invitation to partake in social gatherings. There is no instrument to equal a ukulele or banjo uke when it comes to accompanying singing. The mellow harmony of the ukulele with its sweet plaintive tones or the snappy jazzy tones of the banjo uke are always in demand to liven up a party. There is no more excuse for being a wallflower. Plan an instrument and win friends. Why not start a 4 or 5 piece dance orchestra in your home town. To every one purchasing a ukelele or a banjo uke we will include a complete course of instruction. This course is so simple. No mystery or guesswork. You can play within 5 minutes' time. 20 page book of instruction by May Sinhi Breen and Peter DeRose explains by charts and diagrams how to start right in to play, also contains 10 popular musical selections. Both the Hawaiian Ukelele and Banjo Uke are beautiful instruments that you will be proud to own. Made just as the expensive professional instruments. $3.95 for the Banjo Uke and $2.98 for the Ukelele. Sincere Studios 24 East 21st Street Department 104 A New York, N.Y.
When I first saw this ad I thought it was weird that "Sincere" was in quotes. I imagined the point was to pretend to be sincere while really trying to seduce an innocent young lady with your ukelele music.

But then I realized "Sincere" is the name the company. I still think it's a funny ad.

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