1947 ad: Trim hair at home

. Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Easy way to trim hair at home. How to Trim Hair at home. Simplified course of instruction and home barbering. Set pays for itself first month. Make easy test. Gee Ji9mmie, your hair is always trimmed as if you just came from the barber shop. How can your dad afford to give you that much money? My mother and dad trim my hair at home. They got one of those home barbering sets with a real barber's simple instructions -- don't have to wait my turn at the barber's. Dad listen to this. Jimmie gets his hair trimmed at home. His mother and dad do it. Don't cost them anything. How can that be? It takes a barber to cut hair, doesn't it? They sent for a home barbering set and they've already saved the cost of it. Jimmie likes it. Cause how he gets more spending money out of what they used to pay the barber. He treated me to an ice cream cone again today. Ha! That sounds good but where do you send for this barbering set? Why there's the coupon, dad. All ready for you to put your name address on and mail it. I'll do it right now before I forget about it. Mother! Dad! You'll be amazed how neat a hair trimming job you can do first try at home. Simplified instruction book is well illustrated and easy to follow. Shows how to trim boys' and girls' hair, give men's simple hair cuts, cut ladies' bangs, hair and bobs. Convenient too, to do it at home without waiting. Lifetime outfit includes everything you need and at an important saving. Full satisfaction or money back. Adjustable to cut long or short hair, nickel plated hand clipper. no pull, easy to operate. Sell for $3.95. Barber shears. Fine tempered and ground. Sell for $1.85. Professional style comb sells for 25 cents. Instruction book written for home use by master barber. completely illustrated and easy to follow. Designed to sell for $1. $7.00 value. Only $4.95. Send no money. Pay thru postman on arrival on positive guarantee of satisfaction or return for money back any time within one year. With ordinary care outfit will last a lifetime of home use. Mail order today. Ladies! Clippers trim hair off legs, arms, etc. Sell separately for $3.95 but you'd be foolish not to take full advantage of combination kit offer complete at $4.95. Rush coupon now! Miller and Company Dept 349-M 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 1, Illinois.

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