1950 ad: Bromo-Seltzer works on headaches, stomach upset and jumpy nerves

. Friday, August 23, 2013

Fast help for headache, upset stomach, jumpy nerves. Where others fail Bromo-Seltzer works. When headache hits, do as millions do. Take Bromo-Seltzer right away for fast help. Not only for the pain of headache but also for the upset stomach and jumpy nerves that often go with it. Quick! Pleasant! Bromo-Seltzer effervesces with split-second action, ready to go to work at once. Caution: use only as directed. Proof of popularity: Today more people than ever use Bromo-Seltzer. You must be satisfied or your money back. Get Bromo-Seltzer at your drug store fountain or counter today. It's a product of the Emerson Drug Company since 1887.

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