1950 ad: Car-Plate gives a "diamond shine"

. Thursday, August 8, 2013

Now even a 12-year-old can wax your car in 20 minutes without rubbing! Sensational discovery by makers of Johnson Wax. Car-Plate gives a "diamond shine" -- the brightest, toughest, longest-wearing auto wax since cars were first made. This is it! The new auto wax you read about in the June Reader's Digest. It's sensational! Nothing else like Car-Plate! There's nothing like Car-Plate on the market. It is a smooth flowing, wipe-on liquid ... the result of a basic new scientific discovery in the Johnson's Wax laboratories. Even after hard, tedious rubbing, no other wax or polish can match the finish that Car-Plate gives so easily and quickly! Just spread on ... and wipe! Imagine waxing a car in 20 minutes! That's what Car-Plate does... without any rubbing. It's so easy a 12-year-old can do an expert job and call it fun! Just spread... let dry... wipe lightly. Your fingertips supply all the pressure needed. The shine wears longer! Car-Plate gives a deeper, richer gloss than any wax you've ever seen (even brighter than the finish on a brand new car) because of a special blend of waxes perfected by Johnson chemists. It's highly water-resistant and guaranteed to give your car longer-lasting protection than any other wax. See Dad, this is fun! Car-Plate spreads on so quick and easy! And look how easy it shines! You don't have to rub it at all! That Car-Plate is terrific! It sure outshines that wax job I paid 15 bucks for last winter! Important! Car-Plate is a wax -- not a cleaner! Before you apply Car-Plate your car must be completely clean and free of traffic film and oxidized paint. For quick, thorough cleaning of your car, use Johnson's Carnu. Car-Plate's protective diamond shine lasts month after month. Dust wipes off easily without scratching the finish. Washing takes only a fraction of the effort it would normally take. Johnson's Carnu -- the perfect pre-cleaner before using Car-Plate -- is sold wherever Car-Plate is sold. Guaranteed! The makers of Johnson's Car-Plate unconditionally guarantee that it will give your car the brightest, smoothest longest-wearing wax finish it has ever had. Your money back if not completely satisfied. Only $1.00. 10-oz can contains enough Car-Plate to completely wax even the largest car 2 times.

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