1950 ad: New Bigger Value Dodge

. Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smart... Rugged... and Loaded with Value! You cold pay $1,000 more and still not get all the new beauty ... extra roominess... famous dependability of this big 1950 Dodge. All over America motorists are discovering the bigger value built into the new 1950 Dodge... smart, comfort packed more dependable than ever. Dodge design gives you a car that's higher, wider, longer on the inside. This means a wonderful new roominess -- for your head, for your legs, for the broadest shoulders. None of that "cooped up" feeling in a Dodge! Yet on the outside, Dodge is a sleek compact car. Shorter, narrower for easier parking, easier handling in traffic. Lower silhouette for new and truly functional beauty lines. When it comes to performance you'll be thrilled with the surging power of the Dodge high-compression engine ... its flashing pick-up. You'll love too the velvet-smooth starts and stops you get with gyrol Fluid Drive. And you can't match Dodge dependability -- Dodge economy. No wonder owners agree that Dodge today is the biggest dollar value money can buy. Prove it yourself! Ask your Dodge dealer for a "Magic Mile" ride -- today. Easy to step in! You can step right in because Dodge doors open wide. No awkward twisting, no squirming .. no bumping your head. Arm rests are on doors. No need to climb over them when you get in or out of car. So roomy inside Dodge beauty doesn't sacrifice room inside! For all its graceful lines, Dodge gives you more head room shoulder room and leg room... plus leg supporting comfort of Dodge knee level seats. Space to spare! How convenient to have a luggage compartment that's really big. Plenty of usable space for family errands, business or vacation trips. Spare tire easily accessible without unloading the compartment. Huge new picture window in rear not only gives safer rear-view vision, but makes the roomy Dodge interior seem even more spacious! A beauty feature that adds much to your motoring pleasure -- much to your safety. New bigger value Dodge. Just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars. Gyro-Matic. Enjoy the driving ease, the freedom from shifting you get with the world's lowest priced automatic transmission.

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