1950 ad: Shave with Barbasol and avoid "athletic aroma" with BARZ Lotion Deodorant

. Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For best results: shave with Barbasol. Barbasol means smooth, easy sailing through the toughest beard! No brush, no lather, no rub-in. It's no sea story! Barbasol's special ingredients really wilt whiskers fast. They take the wind out of the wiriest beards for close, clean comfortable shaves that last all day. And Barbasol does the job without drying the skin, as soapy lathers do. (In fact, it helps protect your face against sunburn, windburn and chafing.) So here's the welcome word, mates: Barbasol shaves look good, they feel good -- and Barbasol is good for your skin. Try it next time you shave. Use it also for soothing relief of sunburn, windburn, insect bites and itching. Avoid Athletic Aroma use BARZ Lotion Deodorant.

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