1952 ad: Ugly Blackheads Out in Seconds with Vacutex

. Monday, August 12, 2013

Blackheads "pet hate" Say men, girls in choosing date. What a black mark is a blackhead... according to the men and girls popular enough to be choosy about dates! Nobody's dreamboat, Nobody's date bait! and that's not all that's said of those who are careless about blackheads. But blackheads are ugly. Blackheads are grimy. And they don't look good in close-ups. So can you blame the fellow who says, "Sure I meet lots of girls who look cute at first glance, but if, on that second glance I see dingy blackheads it's good night!" Or can you blame the girl who confesses, "I hate to go out with a fellow who has blackheads. If he's careless about that you're sure he'll embarrass you in others ways, too!" But you -- are YOUR ears burning? Well, you've company and, sad to say, good company. There are lots of otherwise attractive fellows and girls who could date anyone they like if they'd only realize how easily and quickly they could get rid of them... if they want to. He-Man often guilty of blackhead crime. Take your h-man... super at track, games, sports of all kinds... who thinks that after just a shower he's ready to go anywhere. And won't the girls all admire his muscles. Sure they would! But not many dance floors are set up for hurdle races. You can't show off your snappy left hood when only cokes are in the ring. The he-man who's also clean-cut will get the breaks wherever he is. Even Cute Girls Become Careless. Easy, too easy, for a girl to think that if she has the latest clothes and hair-do she needn't bother about blackheads. A little more make-up, she guesses, will take care of that. But make-up won't hide blackheads! Not unless it's plaster of paris, maybe! And even good make-up slips at a dance! S don't take chances, cute though you may be! Take these tips to banish blackheads. Keep skin clean by washing morning and night with warm, almost hot, water. Use good soap and plenty of it. And finish with cool water. Extract every blackhead as soon as you see it -- with a safe extractor. Don't use finger nails. Don't squeeze. That may mean infection, injured tissues, a marred skin. Just be clean! Be quick! And be safe! That's easy! And that's ALL! I wonder why we're not popular sis? Ask your friend Tom. Tom, why don't sis and I get invited to proms and parties? Frankly, Jim, it's those blackheads. Ugly blackheads out in seconds with Vacutex. Aren't you glad we heard about Vacutex? New! Scientific! Vacuum Action! Amazing new Vacutex is painless... safe... fast! In secons you are rid of those ugly blackheads that clog the pores ... make your skin look grimy and dingy ... gives others such a wrong impressoion of you. Vacutex creates a gentle vacuum pressure around the blackhead and extracts it quickly without injury to tender skin tissues. Keep skin always clear with this new scientific way. Without painful squeezing! Without dangerous infection from germy fingers. Just place Vacutex over blackhead and draw back extractor. Blackhead's out! Simple! But you'll be delighted by your instantly improved appearance. Others will notice your clearer, cleaner skin. Try Vacutex now. Rush coupon now! Actual length 3 1/2 inches. 10 day trial offer. Ballco Products Company, Department 23, 19 West 44th St., New York 36, N.Y.

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