1971 ad: '72 Chrysler New Yorker

. Monday, August 5, 2013

You expect a big car to be plush. What impressed me so much about the '72 Chrysler is the way they put it together. I had always heard about Chrysler being famous for engineering but I had to find out for myself. I conducted a little survery of my own among Chrysler owners. Friends. Acquaintances. Cab drivers. I never met a more enthusiastic bunch. Then I went to Detroit. I talked to the Chrysler people. I saw how they build their cars. A few of the things I learned are ont his page. They weld their car bodies together in places where others use bolts. they believe this makes the Chrysler a better car. After all, the less bolts you use the less chance you have of something coming unscrewed. think of that the next time you go over a pot hole. The New Yorker has always been very plush inside. But what's more important is what they do to make sure it lasts. The engineers have thing they call the Bouncing Betty. It's a 168 pound weight they bounce up and down on the seat cushions 100,000 times. That's to make sure the seats are built to take all the times somebody gets in and out of the car. This is the kind of thing that impresses me about Chrysler. I think the Chrysler New Yorker is a beautiful car. Inside and out. You can see that from the pictures here. the one thing you can't see is the way it's built. I watched them put it together. And let me say again they're committed to building all their cars to work better and last longer than ever before. That's where they got their slogan for this year. Coming through with the kind of car America wants. Chrysler Plymouth.

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