1971 ad: Firestone Town & Country tire

. Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unfortunately, your new 1972 winter will soon be ready for delivery. Fortunately, a new Firestone Town & Country tire that will change the way you feel about driving in winter is ready for delivery now. Why, when we already make a great winter tire, did we make a new asymmetrical winter tire with three different tread sections instead of two, designed to hold eight rows of studs instead of six, with such a unique tread design that it can be put on the front wheels as well as rear? We make this Town & Country tire for days when the temperature is low, the snow is drifint the wind is whistling and the roads look like a tile floor. We make this tire for people who ski and snowmobile, people who get out in winter and go looking for the places where winter has really moved in. We make this tire for policemen and doctors and everyone who doesn't have any choice about getting out and going when the bell rings. We make this Town & Country tire for you if you worry even a little about driving in winter, to work, to school, to the store. And we make it available wherever you see the Firestone sign -- at most locations, you can even charge them. Studs not available where prohibited by law. Firestone The "asymmetrical" Town & Country. You go through ice, mud, or snow or we pay the tow!

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