1971 ad: The Story of the Cat and the Canary

. Friday, August 16, 2013

The story of the cat and the canary. (Or how to remember how real the picture can look on color television.) The photograph above is a dramatization of something that actually happened. We wanted to tell you how real we think the picture is on Sylvania color television. Of course, GTE Sylvania engineers would be happy to do so. Likewise our dealers . And set owners too. But they could be biased. Besides, we wanted to do it in a way you'd remember. We did. In a dramatization that's on the air now. It's a commercial (if you haven't seen it) that starts with a cat at an open window. He's looking into a room in which a film of a canary is being shown on a new Sylvania color television set. The cat stands there watching the film...his head moving with the movement of the picture on the screen. Silently he drops to the floor. Slowly, as if stalking his prey, he starts toward the set. As the cat nears the set, he stops. Snarls. And then...springs. We hope you'll remember this little dramatization when you're out shopping for a color television set. Especially if you want a really real looking picture. GTE Sylvania a part of General Telephone & Electronics.

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