1984 ad: Vita-Mix

. Friday, August 9, 2013

Stainless steel 3600 Vita-Mix. Scared of EDB Contamination? Grind your own wheat. Make your own bread, cereals, pancakes, etc. with a Vita-Mix 3600. Be independent from big contamination by using organically grown grains, tested for EDB content. Call 800 V-I-T-A-M-I-X for information on how to get a Vita-Mix and source of organically tested wheat. Vita-Mix can chop, grate, puree, grind meat, whip, make nut butters, mix cakes, make baby food, prepare special diets, chop ice, blend and liquify. No attachments needed, takes only 8 1/2 x 11 counter space. Free with each Vita-Mix a big 128-page recipe and instruction book and enough wheat for your first loaf of bread. Also our low fat, low cholesterol low sugar, low salt recipes based on Pritikin guidelines. Check these features. Safe stainless steel construction. Standard 115 volt grounded outlet (also available 220/240 volt) Call about unbelievable 5-year warranty. USA (since 1921 nationwide service. Self-cleaning. Super power motor. UL Listed. Heavy duty quality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Drink the fiber. Make total juice. Vita-Mix uses a patented impact (blade reversal) method to juice whole fruits and vegetables. It does not separate and discard the fiber (pulp, vitamins, etc.) from the liquid juice like old-style strainer type juice extractors. Cook by impact. Impossible to burn, scorch or lump gravies, sauces, puddings, soups. Save the vitamins destroyed by excessive heat. Freeze ice cream instantly without artificial color or filler. Make your own yogurt by the cup or gallon. Save money. Vita-Mix Owners say "Now that I have a Vita-Mix I know that I've got the best there is and I will never be without it." H.C. Long Beach California. "Super Machine! Unbelievable! Never has making bread been so easy!" B.E. Chandler, Arizona. Send Coupon Today Vita-Mix Corporation Dept VT0584 8515 Usher Road Cleveland Ohio 44138

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