1908 Sears Catalog ad: American Pedometer

. Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our American pedometer. No. 6K5229. This little instrument looks like a ladies' watch, but it tells how far you walk. To operate our American pedometer take off the back bezel with a knife blade and you will find the figures for your step. Directions for setting the pedometer come with each one. Hang the pedometer in your watch pocket, and every step you take will register. The figures on the face of the pedometer indicate the miles or fraction of a mile which you walk. The pedometer has a dial like illustration and a second hand like on a watch and registers 100 miles and repeats. Price 80 cents.  If by mail, postage extra, 4 cents. Insured mail, 5 cents extra.
I think it's interesting that pedometers were being made back in 1908. I wonder how well that works. Hopefully better than the cheap digital one I bought recently.

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