1908 Sears Catalog ad: Boys' Complete Football Uniform

. Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boys' complete football uniform, reduced to $1.20. No. 6K7121 Boys' complete football uniform, consisting of full sleeve canvas jacket, full padded canvas pants, strong cotton web belt, heavy cotton ribbed stockings, canvas shin guards. Jacket and pants made of best quality canvas drill, finely finished and reinforced shin guards have rattan reeds in them and are fitted with adjustable straps. This is a first class outfit in every respect. the items if purchased singly would aggregate double the price of this complete outfit. When ordering give waist measurement. Sizes 24 to 32. Not made larger than 32 inches waste measure. Price, complete, without ball. $1.20. If by mail, postage extra 45 cents.
Check out the quilted pants. Were I can get a pair of these in adult women's sizes?

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