1908 Sears Catalog ad: Peerless Velocipedes

. Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our peerless Velocipedes. Ball bearing construction. These velocipedes are built just like a bicycle. Positively no other velocipede on the market that will compare with these in construction, long wear, easy running qualities and price. Steel ball bearing pedals, ball bearing hubs, diamond faced cranks, curved front forks, which make these velocipedes steer and run easier than any others. They are finished with beautiful maroon enamel, baked. Double orange stripe on fork and backbone and fancy orange head. Genuine bicycle saddle, sewed and padded. Handle bars can be given backward or forward as well as upturned and downturned positions. Pedals, cranks, seat posts, handle bars are finished with good quality nickel plating. Wheels are the strongest made, fitted with 3/4 inch rubber tires. While these velocipedes cost you a little more money than the ordinary cheap velocipedes yet they will more than make up for their slight additional cost in their years of service. Notice -- select the size required according to inseam measurements measuring from crotch to heels.

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