1925 ad: Regain Youthful Activities Through Guaranteed Neuro Viril

. Thursday, September 5, 2013

Age turned back. Not too old. How to regain youthful activities through guaranteed Neuro Viril. Start life anew.  "A man is as old as his gland" doctors now say. Go back 20 to 40 years simply by re-charging your glands with the improved form of Neuro Viril. No operation necessary. Yet results are guaranteed. Over 15,000 men are already using this product regularly although it is new on the market. Does this prove it brings success? Would these men from all over the country keep on buying it if they didn't get what they were after? Neuro Viril is certainly worth trying, especially since your deposit will be refunded unless it brings you the youthful energy you seek. Send no money. Just write name and address. Pay postman $2.00 (plus few cents postage) deposit when he delivers package in plain wrapper. Don't let your life slip by unhapplily without trying the improved Neure Viril. Avoid imitations. A.M. Lecithin Co., 88 Fulton Street, New York.

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