1926 ad: Be a Radio Expert

. Sunday, September 1, 2013

$50 to $250 a week in work that is almost romance. Be a radio expert. Get into the great new big-pay industry -- radios. If you're earning a penny less than $50 a week clip coupon now. Send for amazing free book. Be a radio expert and draw down big money for the easiest and most fascinating work in the world. Positions everywhere. Thoroughly trained men are in big demand. Need for radio experts in every community. Short hours. Big pay. Free book gives all the facts. Astonishing opportunity -- thousands of them. Every day. N.R.I. trained men are taking good places in the radio field. Free book tells all about their success. Send for it now! Learn quickly and easily at home. Master radio engineers will show you how to qualify quickly and easily at home, for radio's fine jobs. We guarantee to train you successfully. Lack of experience no drawback -- common schooling all you need. Our tested, clear methods make it easy for you. Send coupon now for free proof. Instruments given with course. Famous training that pays for itself. Get this amazing book. Most amazing book on radio ever written -- full, interesting facts about this great field and how we prepare you and help you start. You can do what others have done. Get this book. Radio needs trained men. Send coupon. Send coupon today for special limited offer, including all instruments -- you'll get full particulars by return mail. National Radio Institute Dept. EZ7 Washington, D.C. Largest radio school in the world. Originators of radio home-study training.

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