1932 ad: Del Monte Foods

. Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sliced pineapple -- whole, unbroken slices of the finest sun-ripened fruit from Del Monte's own plantations. Comes in four different sizes of cans -- No. 2 1/2 (30 oz); No. 2 (20 oz); No. 1 1/4 Squat (14 oz.); and No. 1 Flat (9 oz) One quality, the best, in every can. Crushed pineapple -- the same selected fruit as sliced. Ideal for puddings, punches, ices, etc. Comes in No. 2 1/2, No. 2, and No. 1 Flat tins; also in No. 1 Special (13 oz.) and Buffet (8 oz) sizes. Ask for Del Monte Coffee, too! Super-vacuum packed, uniformly fresh. Ripened right on the tree -- golden, luscious. A great dessert -- at surprisingly little cost. Five tempting Del Monte fruits in a single can. Cut up ready to serve. Don't miss them. Just different enough from other fruits to get an instant welcome. Bartletts, of course-- and what a treat! Flavor such as only the finest trees can produce. Is there any need for guessing? When this quality brand is so easy to get and so reasonable in price. Just think how well, and how many times Del Monte has met your most exacting needs. Think of the great food-producing organization behind it. Think of the millions of women who prefer this land to any other brand. Think how important it is to us -- to continue to hold your friendship! You'll find it pretty hard to discover a single reason for experimenting with any brand that's offered "just as good"! Especially when Del Monte Foods are so reasonable in price! And so easy to get -- from any grocer who puts your interests first. Del Monte Foods. Fruits, vegetables, coffee, etc.

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