1947 ad: Learn to play the Magnus harmonica in 15 minutes

. Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Hoppy" will teach you to play this new harmonica in 15 minutes or money back. Now you can have this brand new golden tone. Key of C harmonica for only $1.49. and get Hoppy's sensational simplified course of instructions that quickly teach you to play song hits of every kind absolutely free. Sent on seven day approval. Learn to play in a day or it costs you nothing. We make this daring offer to every man and woman, boy and girl who enjoys music and has always wanted to play the harmonica. Now for the first time you can get a genuine Magnus Key of C harmonica and Hoppy's simplified course of instructions along with the music and the words to 200 of your favorite songs. Makes playing a pleasure. not a toy or play thing but a fine musical instrument that can bring you hours of hilarious entertainment. Hoppy's new course makes it easy and fun to learn to play. Anyone who can hum, sing or whistle a tune, can learn with little practice. You will thrill to the golden tone and be delighted with the simple free lesson. This marvelous harmonica is a new development with a fine all plastic body and remarkable tone. You will be surprised and delighted beyond words at the easy to understand fully illustrated fee book of instructions. And Hoppy guarantees you will learn to play song hits of all kinds or there is no cost. Remember you get a genuine Magnus Key of C Harmonica for only $1.49 and Hoppy's complete book of instructions with the words and music of 200 favorite songs absolutely fee! Money back if not delighted. Free book of instructions with the words and music to 200 songs. Mail coupon today. Hopkinson Corp dept. 51-H 500 N. State Street. Chicago 10, Illinois.

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