1950 ad: "As a singer, naturally I smoke ... Camel" -- Lanny Ross

. Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels! Yes these were the findings of noted throad specialists after a total of 2,470 weekly examinations of the throats of hundreds of men and women who smoked Camels -- and only Camels -- for 30 consecutive days. "As a singer, naturally I smoke a cigarette that agrees with my throat... Camel!" Lanny Ross. The 30-day test won Lanny over to Camels. The golden tenor voice that has entertained millions explains: "The test showed me how much fun smoking can be! Camels suit my throat and they're a great-tasting smoke" "On my job my throat gets a workout. that's why I made my own 30-day test and changed to Camels for keeps." Telephone Operator Mrs. Ethel James. "Throat irritation doesn't go in my job -- I smoke only Camels. They're right for my throat -- They're cool and mild." Radio announcer. George Ansbro. "I talk to thousands of shoppers when I smoke, I have to think of my throat. That's why Camel is my cigarette Camels are so mild."Cosmetic demonstrator Madeline Ostrowe "30-day mildness test? I've smoked Camels for 17 years and I know they agree with my throat! They're a great-tasting cigarette too!" Museum Guide Walter McGrath. You have the word of Camel smokers... of noted throat specialists ... but test Camels for yourself in you T-Zone (T for taste and T for throat). See if you don't agree that Camels are the mildest best-tasting cigarettes you ever smoked. Start your own 30-day Camel Mildness Test today!

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