1950 ad: Be a Fresh Up Family

. Monday, September 9, 2013

Adds to the fun for all! "Fresh up" with Seven-Up! Be a "Fresh Up" Family! What a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon! The children enjoy the swing and the slide while Mom and Dad beam over their brood. And with sparkling 7-Up, chilled and inviting, it's an extra happy family occasion. Crystal clear 7-Up, the all-family drink has a fresh up goodness that adds a lot to family fun. It's so pure so good so completely wholesome, even toddling youngsters can fresh up with as much 7-Up as they want and just as often as they want. They just know 7-Up likes them! Be a fresh up family. Keep 7-Up chilled in the refrigerator. And enjoy this crystal clear all-family beverage as you work and play together. Buy a case of 7-Up today wherever you see those bright 7-Up signs. 7-Up. You like it... it likes you. buy a case today!

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